Laura’s Video Story – What Drives You Toward Success?


Laura Kennedy has lived a life of adventure and trailblazing.  She uses those experiences to motivate others to reach for and attain that gold ring.

Laura joined the U.S. Navy out of High School and spent 21 years enjoying adventures all over the world in a technology based and military intelligence field. There she transformed from a mouse to a lion that never accepted “can’t” or “failure” as an option for herself or those around her. Laura was a trailblazer in expanding the integration of women in all occupational fields and positions within the Navy. Her stellar leadership skills allowed her to be instrumental in bridging the gap between genders and instill working relationships and standards that reflected individual talents, abilities and a higher level of teamwork.

Her final tour in the Navy was in New York as a recruiter, where she was given the opportunity to share with the next generation her love for the organization that creates leaders with tools and confidence to be successful in all that they endeavor.

After the Navy, Laura battled the glass ceiling successfully in the construction industry first as a Project Manager and then as an Operations Officer, bringing multiple multi-million dollar projects to completion in a timely and profitable manner. After surviving 9/11, Laura saw another opportunity to help people by switching to small business consultant within the same industry. As a consultant, she worked one-on-one with both employers and employees to increase their productivity, work place attitudes, and teamwork, as well as the all important bottom lines!

Simultaneously for nearly 10 years, Laura has also been self-employed in a number of internet companies. As much as she has enjoyed the increased prosperity and recognition, Laura’s real passion revolves around helping others. Laura spends countless hours volunteering with the homeless & mentoring with Veterans.

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