Laura Gives Back

Through the grace of God, I have been given many things over the years, many times when I needed them most and sometimes when I wasn’t sure that I was deserving at all.

The world around us has been in turmoil more than ever most markedly since 9/11. Hearts have been broken and homes torn apart. The turmoil continues even today, as thousands suffer losses around the world from natural disasters.

Now it’s time for all of us to come together and find a way to give back that sparkle of hope in not only our children’s eyes but the eyes of our fellow man. I ask each of you to reach deep inside your heart and find a way that you too can make a difference.

With your help, I am going to continue to make handmade quilts, scarves & hats for the homeless. Something they can call their own and help to shelter them from the cold winter months. You can help by donating any items that you have around the house that are made of any kind of cloth or by making a small monetary donation toward the material costs!

Please be part of the gift that keeps on giving.

THANK YOU to those that have thus far found it in their hearts to donate:

Shelley Hansen, Holtsville

Maria, The Inn At Fox Hollow

Diane, in Smithtown

Daneen, Holiday Inn Express in Centereach

Tenia Pawelski, W Babylon

Dorothy Szawiel, Long Island

Beata Swienc, Massapequa Park

If you would like to participate in giving back, but don’t live in the local area, please feel free to make a donation to cover materials. Thank you in advance for sharing a piece of your heart!

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