"I grossed $102K in 2011. Net $66K. You were right long ago & I couldn't see it at the time. TY 4 believing in me."

Michelle, FL

“Laura makes a huge impact on the success of her clients”

Jo Jarrell
Houston, TX

“My business is growing by leaps & bounds because of Laura's brilliant coaching! Each session brings me closer to my goal! Thank you Coach!”

Melissa Dery
The Golden Rule VA

"Laura has a vast knowledge of business. I am impressed with her knowledge of what works and what does not work – she is definitely a trend-setter. She consistently delivers exciting ideas and well thought out plans for our meetings.

She is one of the most professional and pleasant people I have ever had the pleasure to know. I highly recommend her as a business adviser."

Wendi Moore-Buysse
Wendi Moore Agency

Laura was singlehandedly responsible for the successful start of my Naval career. Her diligence, empathy and foresight cannot be overstated.

Paul Gebel
U.S. Navy

Laura is a fantastic business adviser and a tireless promoter of Veterans rights and interests! She is wonderful at connecting people too.

Andrea Sodergren Vahl
The Grandma Mary Show

Retired U.S. Navy personnel Laura Kennedy and I found each other on the web and we have been working together to cross-promote our military-related projects.

Her current project is the http://www.FlagStillStandsForFreedom.com campaign for this Veterans Day and beyond — encouraging us all to display the American flag. And this year she’s doing a 24-hour streaming video show the moment November 11th begins on the East Coast.

I interviewed her on my BlogTalkRadio show http://www.YourMilitaryLife.com — here’s the blog post I wrote about her interview along with the link to the interview.

Then she interviewed me to use with the films clips she’s going to show from my site http://www.FilmsThatSupportOurTroops.com during her 24-hour broadcast.

This is a terrific example of cross-promotional opportunities on the web. And tune in to her streaming video show starting at the stroke of November 11th Eastern time — http://www.FlagStillStandsForFreedom.com

Phyllis Zimber Miller

Phyllis Zimbler Miller
Miller Mosaic Power Marketing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Laura in a couple of different ways. One was on a joint project for the wives of our service members and the other was using her expertise to make changes to my own website. The word that comes to mind to describe Laura? Professionalism. Whether working with her clients, or discussing ideas during a brainstorming session, Laura is a true professional in everything she does. If you are deciding to connect with Laura or to do business with her, stop hesitating! Through her entire career, from the Navy until now, she has always worked tirelessly for her country, her family, her friends and her clients. I am proud to know Laura and call her a friend and a colleague."

John Lusher
John Lusher Consulting

“Excellent coach and guidance mentor. With her solid background and encouraging demeanor, she is someone you will not forget upon meeting her. She has a laugh that captures you and a smile that keeps you.”

Delilah Smith
Caliber Virtual Services

"I have worked with Laura now for quite some time. Her motivational style is confident, encouraging and subtle. Drawing out your inner talents, strengths and skills is as natural as breathing to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking motivation and guidance either personally or in business."

Michael Harris
Landshark Photography

"Laura Kennedy is very effective at inspiring others to tap into their own creativity. She is very intuitive and able to assist people in reaching and realizing their highest potential."

Debra Evans
DME Consulting

"What an amazing coach, trainer, and mentor! Laura Kennedy has consistently provided sound information and guidance. She listens to the issue, draws the concerns to the forefront, and discusses various objectives. Laura is such a positive motivator! Her coaching style is based on her knowledge and experience and strong desire to share those traits with others to help them succeed. She is such an inspiration. She shares her creative ideas freely and helps to expand goals and desires. Just talking with her is motivating. Laura is a Personal Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach, and Enterprise Coach who consistently provides the avenue for me to grow and make progress as my goals change. Laura helps me expand my creativity and come up with new ways to explore new creative ideas. One of the best traits she helps me with is how to better manage my time so I can improve my work to life balance. Laura can help you explore and expand your self-confidence and build a business you can be proud of!"

Kimberly Smith
Collectibles, Photo Magic

"Speaking from my own personal experience, Laura Kennedy is a great coach and mentor. She motivates you to do well through her creative ideas and her positive attitude. Always willing to share, Laura will teach whatever she knows and is patient for those of us who do not get it the first time. She has a lot of knowledge and experience and can even help if you are not a whiz at the computer. If you are willing to listen and learn, Laura is willing to listen and teach."

Dawn Davenport

“Everyone should be so lucky as to have Laura in their corner. She is intelligent, witty, loyal and has business savvy second to none. Don't hesitate to hire Laura as your business coach - tap into that wealth of knowledge and you will see results immediately.”

Marlene Eldemire
MARs Virtual Assistant

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