Don’t have your own affiliate program?

All the big boys in the business have it, why shouldn’t you? Having a partner, especially in business really helps. And this partnership is known to everybody as affiliate marketing.

Even with the reality that the revenue of the business will be shared with affiliate partners, this marketing practice is still feasible even for new business owners. After all, the more people promoting your products, the better your sales!

Just think, your business is fairly secured because you are not obligated to pay a partner who is not able to sell your product. You only pay him once he brings in new sales to the business. It doesn’t matter how many affiliates you partner with because again, you only pay those making sales. It’s a win-win situation for your business however you look at it.

Employing an effective affiliate program also secures long-term growth for the business, especially if you achieve heavy traffic to your site because your affiliates are well motivated. If you have a WordPress website, we can easily setup an affiliate program for you that includes:

  • Real Time Reporting
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Structure
  • Auto-responder Integration
  • Can be integrated with the WP Store as well as a number of other 3rd party shopping carts
  • Can be integrated with WishList
  • Allows for unlimited affiliates


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