Automated Webinars & Teleseminars

Many business owners are just plain unaware of the current boom in the automation of webinars and teleseminars.  Since early 2000, virtual webinars began to take over the internet providing a virtual training not only to the virtual world but to regular corporate America saving them thousands of dollars in travel dollars.

Automating your webinar series may not save you money in travel dollars, but it will certainly increase your profit streams as well as make it easier for your followers and clients to get access to your experience and training.

I know you’ve heard the expression…”Do it once and get paid over and over again”…isn’t that what we all dream of?

What we here at LauraKennedyLive can do for you is help you turn those webinars whether old ones that are collecting dust or news about ready to hit the street into an automated format that you can “set and forget”.

Option 1: Run entire webinar from within Facebook.

  • Webinar is available for viewing by all Facebook users; not just your immediate followers.
  • Can be played “on-demand” or setup for a specific date at noon, 8 or 10 EST
  • Becomes instantly viral without additional marketing efforts.
  • Comes with a complete line of social sharing features.

Option 2: Traditional automated webinars available to anyone with access to the internet whether or not they have a social media account. (There are a number of different platforms available for doing this which we can discuss to see which would serve you best.)

Option 3:  Automate your teleseminars by just scheduling a conference call, attach a recording and then have it play back over phone lines and the web as if it were really LIVE!

Email me today to discuss how automated webinars would best serve your business.

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